Semester Registration


Registration Announcement

    • First year students must pay tuition fees before reporting as university students. The current students pay the according to University announcement.
    • The faculty will register for the first students in the first semester only. The rest of the academic semester, students will need to register online on their own.
    • Students will only be allowed to register during their specific time period (see the current academic calendar). After selecting the subjects, students need to submit their registration record within their registration period. Without doing so, their selected subjects will be cancelled.
    • Students who register but not yet pay the tuition fee on time, University will cancel the registration and students' status will be terminated.
    • If student, whose status has been terminate as No.3, wish to reinstate the status, he or she must be placed on the current academic suspension.
    • Students are not allowed to register more than 22 credits in a regular semester.

Payment Process for Students

    • Before you make your payment online, you must ensure that the sufficient amount of money is already in your bank account.
    • If you deposit any check into your personal account, please note that you must wait 2 business days for the check to clear before making your online payment. Late payments will incur penalties.
    • If your payment is late, you will be charged 500 baht per day (maximum charge 2,000 baht).
    • Payment must be done on time. If not, your registration record will be cancelled on closing registration date (see the current academic calendar).
    • Below is the timetable for the registration, add/drop, and payment due dates, first semester, academic year 2014 (August 2014 – July 2015 dates no specified yet)

Note: Registration dates are subject to change.

Late Registration

    • You should also make note of the Late Registration periods above to avoid unnecessary fees. Late Registration is when a student initiates registration in a session on or after the Late Registration date. A Late Registration Fee of 500 Baht will be charged to your account and payment of tuition and fees will be due upon receipt of your Statement of Account.

Registration after the System close dates

    • Students wishing to add a course after the registration system close date may do so upon approval from the Office of the Registrar, after submitting proof of course payment from Financial Services and the appropriate registration form(s) (with the Late Registration fee if applicable), complete with the course instructor's signature. To change or withdraw from a course component after the on-line system closes, fill out the corresponding registration form. Information on course withdrawal, including applicable academic and financial penalties is available under Withdrawals.



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