Our four- year program is designed to prepare students for the foundation of technology and guide them to focus on the career specialty they prefer.  They will learn how to create, develop critical thinking as well as a direct approach to problem solving from small assignments to managing multimedia projects. They will also have a better knowledge of the industry standard system along with the skill to communicate ideas and concepts effectively. The English program enhances graduates and instills the skills necessary not only to their native; but rather into the international markets.This increasing popularity of multimedia professions put them in great demand.  It opens the door to larger opportunities in television productions, movies, web design, advertising / publishing, fashion design, etc.  

Graduates of the program will be trained with a combination of expertise in Information Technology and Art that enables them to pursue their career paths in the Digital Media field. The examples of career opportunities listed below are awaiting our graduates.

• 2D/3D Animator
• Story Board Artist
• Graphic User Interface Designer
• Web Designer
• Web Master
• Web Application Programmer
• Film Producer
• Photographer
• Post Production Specialist
• Game Designer
• Game Programmer
• Multimedia Art Director
• Interactive Multimedia Consultant